Class Presentation XII-Q 28-10-2020

Topic-A Smooth Sea never made a Skilled Sailor

Franklin.D.Roosevelt’s famous quote- “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” seems fitting for the difficult situation we are facing nowadays but one must remember that hardships forces us to push ourselves and step out of our comfort zones. We realize our potential and grow through our experiences. The storm of difficult times takes over and we are close to drowning,we keep maneuvering through the turbulence and make it to the shore, injured but not broken, proud but not vain. After all, anything that doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.

The presentation commenced with a soulful Vedic hymn by Riya Mukherjee, followed by a befitting introduction by Radhika Gupta and then a melodious song  by Riya Mukherjee again. A Thought provoking quote was shared by Divyam Jindal, followed by a magnificent speech by Bhuvi Saluja, then  a meaningful poem recited by Shreya Mittal, Tejas Vaid and Lavanya Anthwal. A short speech in hindi on the auspicious festival of Dussehra was vocalized by Subham Goyel and in conclusion the vote of thanks  was rendered by Radhika Gupta. Creativity was shown by Priyal Bothra through the colorful and pleasing slides and e-invites. The editing of the complete presentation and weaving of all the audios was the work of Simran Kumar. 

28 October 2020 Wednesday
Class Teacher- Ms Kakoli Sengupta
Class – XII – Q
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative –  Dr Anubha Gopal
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan