Class Presentation XII-P 22-10-2020

Topic- Keep your face towards sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you

Some hope, happiness and a little positivity are enough to add sparkles to your life. Our topic,’’ Keep Your Face Towards The Sunshine And The Shadows Will Fall Behind You’’ emphasises on always looking at the brighter side of every situation and moving forward with a positive attitude .

The class presentation began with a beautiful shlok sung by Tarini Makkar and explanation by Dhwani Goyal, followed by an introduction by Vartika Verma. The morning prayer “Teri Hai Zameen Tera Aasmaan” was sung by Tarini Makkar with Hemang Duggal and a thought provoking quote was spoken by Anshita Agarwal. This was followed by a speech by Tanvi Verma which went along the lines of how a positive thinker does not let their negative thoughts control them. Further a few lines by Sugandh Gupta talking about the festival of Navratri and its positive impact in our lives. An  engaging story shared by Dhwani Goyal gave the message of optimism. To brighten the morning, we had an enthralling self composed song written by Daksh Sharma, sung by Hemang Duggal and Tarini Makkar. The budding poets of our class, Mugdha Singh and Aadya Kedia had written and recited motivational self composed poems in English and Hindi respectively. The presentation concluded with a vote of thanks by Vartika Verma.  The technical aspects were taken care of by Daksh Sharma and Anshita Agarwal.

22 October 2020 Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms Neelu Oberoi
Class – XII – P
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative –  Ms Kusum Yadav
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan