Class Presentation XII-E 14-10-2020

Topic- An Elysium of Hope

Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Hope is spring that delivers life miraculously after a dormant winter. It has the power to change lives and instill patience. Hope is eternal, even the soul believes that there lies a paradise-Elysium after death.

The class presentation started with a welcome note by Nidita. Prayer-“Namokar mantra” by Krish and Om. Thought for the day by Ashmit followed by recital of shloka by Om and Priyanshu. A speech by Arunima, Harshul, Mehak and Ronit on “Hope springs Eternal”. Melodious song “Aashayein” sung by Krish, followed by an eloquent poem written by Vedant, presented by Sahaj and Vasudha. Views on anti bullying by Raghavendra followed by a song by Om and Pratyaksha. Lastly, a hyper lapse by Arunima, Ashmit, Chirag, Devansh, Mehak, Parth, Ronit, Yash, Yashvi. Vote of thanks by Natasha. Editing support- Harshul, Mehak and Shashank, beautiful invites by Natasha and Pratyaksha.

14 October 2020 Wednesday
Class Teacher- Ms Hema Jain
Class – XII E
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative –  Ms Richa Agarwal
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan