Class Presentation XII-A (28-08-2020)


The road to success for most people is a long one. Forget what the media and instant-gratification society try shovel-feeding you. Do not compare yourself with others.It doesn’t matter what other people think of you because they don’t have to live with you. You are the only person who has to live with yourself. Thus, you are the only person whose judgement you need to be concerned with when you’re making decisions. Celebrate yourself when you have done something great because you should always be proud of your biggest and boldest accomplishments.”Your life is gold no matter what you are told.”

The presentation began with a soulful prayer “ek dantay Ganesh Stuti” by Aditi Prakash followed by a story on the topic written by Aanya Agarwal, Aarushi Gupta, Arshia Garg, Anjali Singh and Priyamvada Sharma and narrated by Vani Malhotra, Aanya Agarwal, Aditi Jain, Anjali Singh, Ananya Singhal, Saif Ali Rizvi and Priyamvada Sharma.A mesmerising self-composed poem was recited by Aanya Agarwal while Priyamvada Sharma shared her views through the thought for the day. Arshia Garg sang the melodious song ‘A cover of out of the old’. In the end,the vote of thanks was delivered by Shobhita Rakheja. Amber Nayak and Aditi Jain were the comperes for the whole Presentation. The creative work on the title slide was the work of Kavya Choudhary and the e-invite was designed by Naina Mathur. The audio compilation was done by Aanya Agarwal and Jeffery Joseph.

The concept of the presentation was woven intricately to convey that we all should believe in the phrase “I am proud of myself”.

28 August 2020 Friday
Class Teacher- Ms ARCHANA DEEPAK
Class – XII A
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative –  Ms Kusum Yadav
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan