Class Presentation XI-U 09-12-2020

Topic- “My Passion pulls me”

Passion is what creates dreams into realities. It is what drives one to do something great. To highlight this very concept, XI-U put up a creative class presentation on the topic “My Passion Pulls Me”.

The presentation started with a short introduction by Prakriti Panwar, followed by a melodious prayer and hymn by Meher Kapur and Simran Kacker. An insightful thought for the day by Abhinav Neelakantan was followed by a meaningful speech by Alma Ali. Arshiya Sanger’s views on the topic, preceded by  Praniti Gulyani’s poetry, transitioned into the next part of the presentation. Raina Suryawanshi quoted the United Nations General Secretary’s words in order to celebrate the International Anti-corruption Day. A pledge by S.P. Thanusree, Aasmi, Suhani Bansal Simran Kacker, Gautam Phoggat, Killada Shreevani and Praniti Gulyani further highlighted the importance of establishing a corruption-free society. The presentation ended with a vote of thanks given by Shashank Sinha.

09 December 2020, Wednesday 
Class Teacher – Ms Swati Verma
Class – XI- U
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms. Ritu Kumar
Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan