Class Presentation X-O 27-10-2020


The class presentation was based on the theme- TAMASO MA JYOTIR GAMAYA. This means the journey of an individual from darkness to light. Since it was the  celebration of  Durga Puja, where the essence of power within a woman is worshipped, the theme of the presentation beautifully epitomises it.

The presentation started with the soulful shabbat prayer by Hargun Singh which was followed by a meaningful thought recited by Dhwani. After this, a sanskrit hymn was sung by Laavya Malhotra. Then Madhurr Dhingra introduced the topic which was further taken up by a series of monologues where the characters- an egoistic male chauvinist, a female and a good samaritan brought the essence of the theme. It brought the inner strength, malice, beauty and  power of one’s thoughts. It was guided by the narrator- Abhaya Trivedi. Then, a melodious English song was sung by Ishita Singh.The presentation concluded with the vote of thanks spoken by Khushi Mishra. The entire audio presentation was compiled by the technical support of Aryan Goel and Tanmay Arora. The creative and colourful e- Invitation was made by Somya Srivastava and Gianna Bahl. 

27 October 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Ms Livano Banerjee
Class – X- O
Headmistress – Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative –  Ms Surbhi Gupta
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar