Class Presentation X-K 15-10-2020


The class presentation was based on Plato’s quote, ‘Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Harder Battle,’ which talked about the values of kindness, compassion and brotherhood, and how these play a big role in our lives. These values were the foundation of the great king, Maharaja Agrasen’s life whose jayanti falls on 17 October every year. Agrasen’s life has taught us the importance of fostering solidarity amongst ourselves and always being kind to others in life, no matter what the circumstances may be.

The presentation began with an opening note by Parth Kumar followed by a morning prayer sung by Naisha Wadhwa. Then a melodious bhajan was sung by Oorja Akshara. Kavya Shrotriya recited and translated a Sanskrit Shloka about universal brotherhood. A poem written by Parth Kumar and Anoushka Jain, was recited by eight students – Anoushka Jain, Vatsa Gupta, Parnika Banerjee, Siddharth Mishra, Avihan Jain, Sai Pratik Biswal, Meha Gupta and Muhammad Ayaan Ali.They also discussed Maharaja Agrasen’s life and the ideals he associated with it. The presentation concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Tiya Saluja. The e-invite was prepared by Aditi Rastogi and Sai Pratik Biswal, while the audio was edited and compiled by Naman Kohli.

15 October 2020 Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms Komal Chaudhary
Class – X K
Headmistress – Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative –  Ms Surbhi Gupta
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar