Class Presentation X-E & VII-D 13-10-2020

Topic- Choose Goodness Over Evil

The class presentation of X- E highlighted the importance of being kind, and good towards our fellow beings. The topic derived from the ages long principals of our Indian culture and is the essence of Bhagavad Gita where good always prevails over evil in the end. We all have two voices inside us- good or evil, positive and negative. It’s up to us what we choose to listen to and follow. While it’s easy to be lured by evil or be unkind for some gain, our inherent goodness and kindness go a long way in our finding real and meaningful happiness. Let us always strive to be kind to each other.  

The presentation began with opening notes by Harbin Kaur and Bhavneet Kaur followed by a divine morning prayer by Gauri Verma. Next, a melodious hymn was recited by Nabiha Yoosuf. A befitting thought highlighting the theme was recited by Aslesha Srivastava and its meaning narrated by Sehyr Sood. An inspiring speech on the theme was recited by Linu and Pradyun recited a beautiful self-composed poem reiterating the reason to choose good over evil. A beautiful English song was sung by Geetanjali Aggarwal and Rai Mathur uplifting the spirits. The presentation culminated with a vote of thanks by Pradyun. The vibrant e-invites were created by Lipi and Prabhav and the audios were beautifully compiled and merged by Pradyun. The music for the prayer and the western vocal was done by the students of the class.

13 October 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Ms Ramneet kaur
Class – X E
Headmistress _ Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative –  Ms Annie Abraham
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar

Topic- Durga Ashtami

The class presentation highlighted the importance of victory of good over evil taking inspiration from the story of goddess Durga. The topic of the presentation was Durga Ashtami.

The presentation began with an opening note by Shivin Sareen followed by a melodious Sanskrit hymn by Shivin Sareen and divine morning prayer sung by Inayat Kaur Bajaj. After the prayer Shivin Shareen gave a befitting introduction to the thoughts of the day. The thoughts were presented by Aaryan Jaiswal, Akshita Mangal, Tanmaya, Shreya Loomba and Yashika Kanojia. Students presented a variety of thoughts highlighting traits of successful people , victory of good over evil and benefit of  hard work and effort.  An interesting anecdote was delivered by Shaurya Malhotra. The presentation culminated with a vote of thanks by Suhani Hari. The vibrant e-invites were designed by Shaurya Malhotra and Pranav Trivedi. Shaurya Malhotra compiled and edited the audios.

13 October 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Mr  Arvind Singh
Class – VII D
Headmistress – Ms Niva Chonnkar
Class Representative –  Ms Ritu Raj
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan