Class Presentation VIII-J 08-10-2020

Topic- Be the Change you Want to See in the World

The class presentation of VIII-J highlighted the importance of self-realisation taking inspiration from the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The topic derived from the Gandhian thought revolved around the idea of a just society and the importance of moral growth in humanity.

The presentation began with an opening note by Garv Jain followed by a melodious Sanskrit hymn by Shivya Bahl and divine morning prayer sung by Mitisha Mittal and Shriya Mohan. Ameya Aneja gave a befitting introduction to the theme quoting Mahatma Gandhi. An interesting anecdote from Gandhiji’s life was shared by Varunavi Gupta and Shriya Mohan. Avni Kaur shared an inspiring thought concluding the story with the theme of self-realisation. Sirat Kaur and Akrita Kaur recited a poem with full vigor giving a tribute to Gandhiji and his teachings. The presentation culminated with a vote of thanks by Sarthak Malhotra. The vibrant e-invites were designed by Lavanya Nigam, and Ayana Keswani. Miraan Veer and Garv Jain compiled and edited the audios. 

08 October 2020
Class Teacher- Ms  Navneet Sachdeva
Class – VIII J
Headmistress – Ms Niva Chonnkar
Class Representative –  Ms Reema Khosla
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan