Class Presentation VII-E 12-11-2020

Topic- Diwali

As the whole country prepares itself to celebrate the biggest festival, the students of the class too decided to learn more about the festival and share it with others.

The Class Presentation began with a beautiful shloka recited by Aarush Gulati, followed by the introduction of the theme by Ashwika Rawat. Aanya Khanna sang the melodious song ‘Ek tu Hi Bharosa’. Nandini Nayyer, Krita Mozumder and Sonakshi Segal  explained about the different days of the biggest and brightest festival of our country. They concluded by giving us a message to defeat the new demon – the invisible CoronaVirus. Alvina Siddiqui shared an inspiring thought which highlighted the importance of recognizing our inner light. Mahira Jain then recited a self-composed poem giving us a message about the importance of celebrating  a green and safe Diwali. The presentation was concluded by Myna Bhatia  with a vote of thanks. The vibrant e-invite was prepared by Aanya Khanna and Ashwika Rawat compiled all the audios.

12 November 2020 Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms Rooha 
Class – VII- E
Headmistress – Ms Niva Chonnkar
Class Representative –  Ms Ritu Raj
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar