Class Presentation VI-H (13-08-2020)

Topic- Sanghursh – A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM 

“Our flag doesn’t fly because the wind moves it. It flies with that last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”

 The class presented an enthralling class presentation by paying tribute to the great freedom fighters. The presentation was titled “ Sanghursh – A LONG WALK TO FREEDOM ”. To begin the presentation, Yashvi  Gairola sang a melodious prayer followed by the thought for the day by Jasmeet Singh and Kimaya Gupta. A short poem recited by Jai Goel filled everyone’s heart with patriotic spirit. In the end, Rudrankshi Patra sang a melodious patriotic song “As watan ae watan humko teri kasam” for the soldiers who laid down their lives for the sake of our motherland and became immortal.The comperes Ose Gupta, Amvika Bangar, Devansh Simgh, Aadya Singh and Shriya Sawhney helped the performers sail through this inspiring presentation.

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा
हम बुल-बुले हैं इसकी ये गुलसिता हमारा |


13 August 2020 Thursday
Class – VI-H
Class Teacher- Ms Bhumika Gupta
Headmistress: Ms Niva Chhonkar
Class Representative –  Ms Vaishali Tiwari
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar