Class Presentation VI-E 24-11-2020

Topic – Guru Nanak Jayanti

As the whole country prepares itself to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti, the students of the class too decided to learn more about it and share it with others. 

The Class Presentation began with a beautiful hymn recited by Mohd. Amaan Aziz and translated by Pallavi Singh, followed by introduction of the theme by Hargun Kaur. Aradhana Prakash Ranjan sang the melodious song ‘Nanak Aaya, Nanak Aaya’. This was followed by an interesting and true story by Tamira Agnihotri, Yana Mehra and Aarav Anand on Guru Nanakji’s life and followed by the moral of the story in the end. Attharv Sachin Vijan then recited a beautiful self-composed poem giving us the importance of celebrating Guru Nanak Jayanti and devotion to him. Then Kamakshi Dogra, Kashika.S and Kavnoor Kaur shared inspiring thoughts on believing in oneself and achieving success on top. The presentation was concluded by Ahaan Chopra with a vote of thanks. The vibrant e-invite was prepared by Kamakshi Dogra and Kashika.S. The audies were compiled by Kamakshi Dogra and Kashika.S as well.

24 November 2020 Tuesday
Class Teacher- Ms Neelam Ajwani 
Class – VI- E
Headmistress – Ms Niva Chonnkar
Class Representative –  Ms Pratibha Sacher
Activity Incharge – Ms Binu Channan