Class Presentation IX-K (22-07-2020)

Topic- Cultural Diversity

22 JULY 2020 Wednesday
Teacher- Nisha Kirar
Class -IX-K
Rep- Mr Sanchit Chauhan
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Incharge – Binu Channan

The Class Presentation was on the topic of Cultural Diversity.The students talked about different forms of diversity which make us feel as a proud Indian citizen.India’s culture is among the world’s oldest culture which receives worldwide respect today.Class presentation focused on making cultural differences as our strength.Cultural diversity inspires creativity,innovation and the spirit of fraternity. 

Siddhart gave an energetic introduction where he talked about different forms of diversity like languages, religions, dance,music etc which is the real beauty of our country.It was followed  by Sumaiyah’s melodious prayer. Abhyuday beautifully encouraged people to integrate differences in his thought for the day.Aishanya’s self composed poem ignited the spirit of unity in diversity. The vote of thanks was presented by Samaira.