CLASS IX Virtual Orientation Programme

A Virtual Orientation programme was organised for the parents of class IX students on Tuesday 21 April 2020 and on Wednesday 13 May 2020 (New Admissions).

The purpose of the Orientation Programme was to introduce the parents to the respective class teachers and subject teachers as well as to introduce them to the curriculum of the various subjects. 

The Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan addressed the parents and advised them  to  ensure that their ward attends all the classes regularly and to follow a routine in tough times  . She informed the parents about the yoga ,music and dance classes being  organised for students in the evening so that they feel energised and fresh.

The Headmistress, Ms.Rashmi Malhotra  emphasized on the importance of the discipline to be followed while attending virtual classes in all the virtual rooms. The Class Representatives spoke about the rules that the students needed to follow while attending the virtual classes in order to make them successful 

The Class teachers explained the code of conduct to the parents about virtual ethos to be followed by their ward. Each subject teacher, thereafter introduced themselves and gave a brief introduction of their subject along with providing information about the text-books to be referred , course content etc, for the same. The session ended with the class teachers thanking the parents for participating enthusiastically in the programme and understanding the ethos of the school. 76.9 % of the parents attended the orientation programme on 21 April 2020 and 95.5% of the parents attended the orientation programme on 13 May 2020.