Class Assembly VIII-A (20-04-2021)

Topic- World Heritage Day – Our Heritage, Our Prized Possession

Our heritage and rich cultural diversity form an integral and unique part of our identities and thus, the students of Class VIII A depicted the importance of World Heritage Day through their Class Presentation.

Beginning with a beautiful invocation to Lord Ganesha by Malvika Joshi, the presentation was introduced by Shayona De followed by a melodious prayer to the Lord by Yashika Baghel. Jayesh Aggarwal and Yasha Kansotia spoke about the historical background of World Heritage Day. Thereafter, Gunika Aggarwal, Anika Bose, Jasraj Singh Marwah, Gargi Panda, Mysha Jain and Aditya Narayan Mishra presented a short role-play taking us on a virtual tour to some of the known and unknown heritage sites of the world. Parika Talwar spoke about the importance of preserving our culture and heritage through the ‘Thought for the Day’ which was reiterated by Nandika Pati’s enthralling recitation of a poem. The vote of thanks was presented by Jia Laroia. The beautiful presentation and invite were created by Shayona De and Jia Laroia with visual inputs from Ashwika Sharma, Parika Talwar and Yasha Kansotia and the technical compilation was handled by Shreeya and Shayona De.

20 April 2021, Tuesday 
Class Teacher – Ms Madhurima
Class – VIII A
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms Reema khosla 
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar