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Musical Prodigy

Oorja Akshara sent an entry to a competition in Suresh Wadeker’s Academy Ajivasan in Mumbai where an original song was to be submitted on the theme of Rakhsha Bandhan. Prof Rachana, Oorja’s mother wrote these simple and emotional lyrics and

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United Nations – Peace Summit

Day & Date :- Monday, 3rd February 2014 Seventeen students went to the United Nations  Conference hall to sing for the invocation ceremony of the Peace summit. Our school choir was accompanied by Mr Rajesh Upadhyay who was instrumental in training

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Water Resource Program 27th December 2013

Friday,  27th Dec. 2013 Twenty Students sang a Hindi Group song which was presented under the guidance of Ms. Aditi Sarkar accompanied by Mr Salim & Mr Kuldeep on instruments. Ten students performed a beautiful group dance  for the same program.

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