The Bio Whiz Quiz was organized by Inquisitio, the Biology Club on 29th October  2023, for Class IX.   The event saw participation from teams of all the sections of Class IX, comprising 2 participants each.The aim was to  provide a  platform for friendly competition as well as fostering a genuine appreciation for the subject among the studentsAfter the rules of the competition were introduced, the teams began actively participating in the quiz.The event consisted of Preliminary round and Two subsequent rounds, featuring diverse question formats such as case studies, identification tasks displayed via projector.

The quiz took place in the school’s biology lab, decorated with informative posters, pictures, banners, ribbons.As a  token of appreciation ;each team was given certificate, chocolates and pen

The Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms.Kajal Sethi. Ms Niva Chhonkar  addressed the gathering, motivated the students and appreciated their efforts before concluding the event. 

The event was hosted by Mysa Mansoor XII A, Vice president of Biology Club, who was also the quizmaster for the day. Her team included Diksha Sharan XII A; President Biology Club, Aditya Prakash Tripathi XII A;  President Biology Club ,Harekrishan Ahuja (XI C) who designed the structure of Quiz and the slides and Vaishnavi (XI C) , Lakshay Gupta  (XIC) were scorekeepers and actively assisted the coordination of whole process

After a tough competition among all the teams and following a set of tiebreakers ,Winners were as follows

First Prize–   

  •     Avani Kumar            IX A
  •     Nehal Sharma          IX A 

Second Prize

  •   Ridit Aggarwal           IX H
  •   Heramb Tripathi         IX H       

Third Prize

  •   Ayush Munjal             IX F
  •   Mehana Agnihotri       IX F