Biology Department AIIMS Visit

On Friday, 18th October2019, four sections of BIOLOGY Class XII, DPS R.K. Puram visited AIIMS accompanied by their teachers Ms Kajal Sethi and Ms Shalini Chanana. About 120 young Biology enthusiasts got a glimpse of the Human Anatomy. Students observed real organs like the human heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver, spleen and large intestine. The interns and third year students from AIIMS were present to guide the students. Students were explained the difference between the normal and diseased organs. They were also told about the implications of various diseases on these organs. Some of the affected organ sample, were also seen

They visited Anatomy Lab (Animal Tissue Culture Lab) where they observed preparation of tissue block for electron microscopy. Students observed Electron Microscope images of hair and skin cells. Students had an interactive session with Ist and IInd year students at AIIMS wherein they shared the tips and guidelines regarding the competitive exams. (NEET). The visit was indeed a fruitful one as it motivated the future doctors and heightened their interest in human anatomy.