In order to strengthen language harmony and develop a conducive environment for learning more Indian Languages apart from  one’s own mother tongue,the Hindi Department organised a Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav on 12th December on the Janma Jayanti of Subramania Bharati, a great nationalist poet.

Activities performed under the Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav were Speech/Debate/Extempore competitions in multiple languages conducted on the theme of ‘Bharat ki Ekta aur Akhandata mein Bharatiya Bhashaon ka Yogdaan’, Students came dressed in  ‘Bhartiya Paridhan’ like dhoti, kurta, various shades of saree showing the rich cultural heritage and history of our country.My Language My Signature’ (मेरी भाषा, मेरेहस्ताक्षर) Campaign was organised by placing Boards in prominent places in the school campus where the students signed in their native language with the pledge that henceforth they would try to sign in their native language.The My Language My Signature’ (मेरी भाषा, मेरेहस्ताक्षर) Campaign was initiated by the Principal Ms Padmavati Srinivasan by providing her signature in her mother tongue Tamil. This was followed by signatures by the Vice Principals, Headmistress IX – X, Headmistress VI-VIII, and H.O.D’s in their respective mother tongues, thereby formally opening the campaign to the Students, who took part enthusiastically.