“A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops.”

 – Henry Adams

A session on ‘Best Teaching Practices’ was organised by the teachers of Delhi Public School, East of Kailash on 8 July 2021.  The teachers of Delhi Public School, RK Puram were the audience to it.  

Ms. Manjeet Kaur took up the concept of ‘Food We Eat’ to exhibit ‘Experiential Learning and Gamification’ as teaching practices.  With the help of a colourful powerpoint presentation the topic was introduced and pointers were shared to summarise the learnings of the previous class.  The background knowledge of the participants was checked by asking pre-activity questions.  The presenter showed grains, pulses and seeds for identification.  She conducted a hands-on activity by asking the participants to crush oil seeds on a piece of paper.  This was done to check for the oil marks on paper to understand the concept of obtaining oil from the seeds.  Another activity involved smelling the aroma of Indian spices from the masala boxes.  Participants were also asked to share their experiences pertaining to the history of spices and visiting states rich in producing them.  The interactive session was followed by a fun time activity, Kahoot quiz, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.  The first half of the session was concluded by showing an informative video on names of pulses in Hindi and English language respectively.

The second half of the session was taken up by Ms. Rajni Gaur Patel and Ms. Madhumita who took up the lesson ‘Hans Kiska’ to demonstrate ‘Art Integration’ and ‘Flipped Learning’ as teaching practices. The lesson was already shared with the participants who were asked to prepare it beforehand.  Interactive participation was encouraged as guided questions were asked by the presenter to extract responses from the audience.  The participants shared their interpretations, research and discussion points.  The moral of the lesson, spellings, new words, opposite words and values were explored by the participants.  Participants were also asked to imagine the characters, the plot and the scenes of the story.  While they gave a description of the things, Ms. Madhumita illustrated them on a piece of paper for the audience. For instance, Devdutt’s character was illustrated as per the description told by the participants.  Participants also shared their colourful illustrations.  It was a fruitful session as it showcased incorporation of art and ‘Flipped Classroom’ as effective teaching practices.

The session was concluded by Ms. Vinita Gupta who delivered the Vote of Thanks.