Assembly XII-W (29-06-2021)

Topic: When Words Fail, Music Speaks 

There is music all around us; the world is full of it. But, what we need to do is simply take in as much as we require. We don’t sing because we’re happy; we’re happy because we sing.”

The Class Presentation began with a shloka recited by Arshia Datta, followed by the morning prayer, the beautiful composition “Payoji maine”, sung by Anika Rastogi and Auparna Chandra. Anusha Ratna and Shobit Goel then spoke of the significance of the World Music Day which is celebrated on June 21 every year. Speaking soulful words from his heart, next was Aryan Saraf giving words to emotions, in a  self composed poem with Dev Pratap Singh playing the guitar. To shower positivity and hope, Chakshu Sharma and Vibhuti Bora shared thoughts for the day. Next were Auparna Chandraa, Riddhi Sahaye and Vinayak Narayanan, singing a musical medley that would drown us in music, helping us feel that music was not just the soundtrack of our life, but life itself. Anuva Agarwal, Arshika Singh, Nandini Gupta, Vedant Shukla and Vidhi Choudhary were the next performers. Their words were woven together to inspire everyone to use music to surf the waves of life. The class presentation came to an end with the comperes Saanvi Sekhri and Arshia Datta delivering the vote of thanks.  Supporting from behind the scenes were Sneha Purohit (Google Presentation), Vidhi Choudhary (audio compilation and E-invite), Saanvi Sekhri (audio compilation) and Auparna Chandra (audio compilation).

29 June 2021, Tuesday|
Class Teacher- Ms. Shelly Malhotra
Class- XII W
Vice Principal- Dr. Renu Nayar 
Class Representative- Ms Anubha Gopal
Activity Incharge- Ms. Binu Channan