Assembly XII-V (19-07-2022)

“Topic:Poetry is the Essence of Life

The class assembly of class XII V celebrated Poetry as being the true essence of life. Each country has its own poetry, where words are strung together to provide happiness and cooling comfort from the otherwise scorching heat of the challenges of the modern world To begin the assembly we had the prayer ” Itni Shakti hamen dena data.” The shlok was recited and explained  by Niket followed by a self composed shayari by Harsh on writing poetry.The thought for the day was by Rishika and Tanima.To update the students with the world we had the news by Divyaaditya ,Meha, Aryamaan,Sunita and Riddhima ,There then was the enactment of two poems depicting two different emotions where one was composed by Muskaan Saxena.The class choir  sang melodiously the song  ‘scars to your beautiful . The  assembly concluded with a graceful fusion dance. The Cards and Folders  were made by Amaira and Meha. The Power Point Presentation was made by Muskaan and presented by Gaurang .The E display was made by Meha and the beautiful board was made by  Yuvraj,Utsa,Meha,Amaira,Krish . Bhawana had made beautiful coasters and the programme sheet was made by Divyaditya

19th July 2022, Tuesday
Class Teacher: Ms Shraddha Parmar
Class XII  V
VICE-PRINCIPAL- Mr Anil Kathuria
Class Representative- Ms Anubha Gopal
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona