Assembly XII-O 11 Aug. 2021

11 Aug 2021 Wednesday

Class XII O

Class Teacher : Ms .Ritu Nayar

Class Rep: Ms. Vibha Arora

Vice Principal: Dr. Renu Nayar

Activity incharge: Ms. Kaveri Dhar

Topic-PERSEVERANCE – The Characteristic of a Hero 

Perseverance is not an inherent personality trait, but it is a deliberate choice one makes to overcome obstacles that come our way . To persevere is to continuously strive to attain one’s goals. We all have heard examples of people like Walt Disney and J K Rowling who persisted through failure and achieved astounding success . That is the power of perseverance.

The class presentation began with a thought-provoking Sanskrit shloka  recited and elucidated by Aditi Srivastav. Followed by a welcome speech by Samaira Sapra  who also  recited a melodious rendition of “”O Palan Haare ” as the morning prayer. After this thought for the day was shared by Garv Agarwal, Bhargava Satya Himank and Vaishnavi Rukhaiyar . Then a delightful poem by Chinmay Sharma followed by a Hindi speech by Kartik Pande. The melodious song was sung by Anushree Sudehely and Sargam Sharma. An Independence Day speech by Diya Singh followed by vote of Thanks by Tanmay Kumar. The beautiful invites and Powerpoint presentations were made by Keshav Agarwal . The assembly would not have been possible without the technical assistance of Thakur Uday who compiled the whole presentation.