Assembly XII-I & XII-J (13-10-2022)

TOPIC : From Farm to Plate; Make Food Safe. 

Through this assembly, the audience was apprised of the need to be careful of what goes on our plate. The sumptuous food arranged nicely on our plate may have the potential to challenge our health. 

The assembly started with a soulful bhajan sung by AADI NARAYAN PRAKASH;ANURAG BOSE(TABLA);GURAMRIT PAL SINGH(TABLA);HARSHITA BOSE ;KRISHANG RAJA(RECORDER);NAMAN KOHLI(HARMONIUM);NIGAM JEE;NIKUNJ AGGARWAL;PRAJYOT SINGH;YASHAS GOGIA of XII-I and  Tisya Gupta, Anumeya Sehgal, Kushagra Gupta and Ayush Thakur of XII-J. The Thought for the Day was delivered by NIGAM JEE; SAKSHAM ADHAR of XII-I and Agastya Nath and Shubham Sen of XII-J. The news was read by Guramrit Pal Singh,Saksham Adhar and Swayam Nagar of XII-I and  Shreyas Modi and Akshat Gupta of XII-J. The comperes ADITYA PANNU;MUHAMMAD AYAAN ALI;RIDDHI GUPTA; SUBH SINGH of XII-I and   Ananya Tomar, Atharv Gupta and Nikhil Kumar of XII-J took us to through the course of the events.Riddhi Gupta of XII-I and Ananya Tomar of XII-J recited a self-composed poem. AARAV(ACOUSTIC GUITAR);ANURAG BOSE (PERCUSSION)MUHAMMAD AYAAN ALI (UKULELE)GURAMRIT PAL SINGH(CLAPBOX); HARSH RAJ SRIVASTAVA(KEYBOARD); HARSHITA BOSE; KRISHANG RAJA(RECORDER);PRAJYOT SINGH(ELECTRIC GUITAR); YASHAS GOGIA of XII-I and   Tisya Gupta and Anumeya Sehgal of XII-J presented a melodious song and a music orchestra. The song was assisted with music by Yash Vashishth, Ervan Panghal and Nirabhra and Aniruddh Sharma. 

The students also performed a short skit, where they showcased how restaurant owners chase for little profits at the cost of their customer’s health. The skit was written and enacted by ADITYA PANNU; SUBH SINGH;AADI NARAYAN PRAKASH;ABHISHEK JAIN;AADYA VERMA;NIGAM JEE; RIDDHI GUPTA; SAKSHAM ADHAR; SAI PRATIK BISWAL, ADITYA RAJ of XII-I and  Aryya Lohia with Akul Ranjan, Ervan Panghal, Shambhavi Tripathi, Manan Khanna and Prarthana Madan of XII-J.Aditya Pannu of XII-I and  Viraj Singh of XII-J was the narrator. A group dance was performed by Abhishek Jain, Harshita Bose, Krishang Raja, Ridhi Gupta, Tiya Saluja and Sai Prateek Biswal of XII-I. The invitation cards were made by Kejal garg and Chavi Goyal. E-invite was prepared by Kejal Garg. 

The soft board was prepared by Parnika Banerjee, Sai Pratik Biswal and Praneel Majumder of XII-I.The assembly shed light on food wastage and insecurity around the world and how these obstacles can be overcome with increased global cooperation, regulation of distribution and an alteration in attitude.

13 October 2022
Class XII I and XII J
Class Teachers : Mr Md. M Hossain and Ms. Livano Banerjee
VICE-PRINCIPAL- Mr Naresh Miglani 
Class Representative- Ms. Richa Aggarwal 
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona