Assembly XII-H (22-06-2021)

Topic- International Noise Awareness Day 

Noise  pollution can be as harmful as air pollution.  Excessive noise leads to many health problems like fatigue , stress , cardiovascular diseases , cognitive impairment etc . Noise pollution impacts millions of people and causes several  health problems.Consider what we gain when noise is not present and we are surrounded by the beauty of tranquility and calm. . Silence enables us to listen to our inner voice, ponder over our thoughts and focus on the beauty of the outside world.When noise is limited, the general health and well being of an individual improves. So, it’s time to pause, listen to silence and learn from it, as it has a quality and dimension of its own. Noise awareness day was founded in 1996 by the Centre for hearing and communication in Us , with the aim to raise awareness about the harmful effects of noise on the health of people.

The assembly commenced with a divine shlok recited by Arnav goel followed by a prayer sung by him . Then Maulik Gupta narrated a beautiful thought followed by a soulful rendition by Vasundhara , Siddhi , Faiza accompanied by Amaan who played the guitar . Subsequently Saksham delighted everyone with his musical instrument , further Harit and Aujaswit delivered a thought provoking speech . Finally the presentation  came to an end with a profound recitation of a beautiful Self composed poem by Aamna. The comperes were Arjun , Jayeeta , Saksham and Rachit . The Ecard was designed by Aniket and Maulik . The compilation of audio and preparation of slides was done by Aniket, Rudra and Pulkit Gupta

22 June  2021, Tuesday 
Class Teacher – Ms Sarika Kaushal
Class – XII H
Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar
Class Representative- Ms Richa Aggarwal
Activity Incharge – Ms. Binu Channan