Assembly XII-G (15-07-2021)

Topic- Escape the Ordinary- Be Different

It is rather common nowadays for people to make their decisions based on the decisions of their peers or predecessors. How many times do we actively choose to go down the trodden path, because we are afraid of the consequences of the other choice? It is always easier to go with the flow; but without deviating from the ordinary and experimenting, we cannot expect new results. After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The assembly of XII-G aimed to deliver this message with their topic, “Escape the ordinary- Be different”.

The assembly began with a thought-provoking shloka recited by Ayan Sarkar, with its meaning elucidated by Kanishk Sharma. Following this, there was a prayer recital by Annika Sinha. Shreeya and Yash Jain then shared the thought for the day, after which a melodious rendition of the song “This Is Me” was presented by Akshata Chopra, Ashmit Aggarwal, Ayan Sarkar and Abhyudya Sangwan. A moving speech was delivered by Ruhani Arora, Khwaish Agarwal, Grishma Bellani and Aranya Rana, and the assembly was brought to a conclusion by compère Ibhaan Agarwal, who delivered the vote of thanks. The invitation was prepared by Aranya Rana. The assembly would not have been possible without the technical assistance of Akshat Sharma and Siddhansh Narang.

15 July 2021, Thursday
Class Teacher- Ms. Hema Jain
Class- XII G
Vice Principal- Dr. Renu Nayar 
Class Representative- Ms Vibha Arora
Activity incharge- Ms Kaveri Dhar