Assembly XII-C 16-07-2019

Class Assembly XII-C
Date-16 July 2019
Class Teacher-Mr. Hussain
Class Representative- Ms. Kusum Yadav
Vice Principal-Dr. Renu Nayyar
Cultural Programme Incharge-Ms Shelley Malhotra
Photography-Mr. Shankar Giri
Guest Speaker- Mr. Markendey Khanna and Niket Khadgawat

Topic-A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure

The assembly of class XII C stressed on the fact that only under stress and pressure does coal turn into precious diamonds. They brought out the theme by a skit where a young and budding cricketer, faces the extreme pressures of living up to the expectations of his teammates, fans and his father, he crumbles under these pressures. He is then motivated by his mentor and his coach. He introspects and finally lives up to the expectations of everyone and emerges victorious. In the same way we must not give up and move ahead with greater zeal to fulfill our aim. Someone who works hard and sustains the hardships eventually succeeds.