Assembly XII-C (10-08-2022)



True stories of valour are not forgotten, they stay immortal in our hearts and in the pages of history. Class XII-C took this opportunity to portray the same through their class assembly. 

The assembly began with the morning prayer sung by Akshat, Aryan, Ayushman, Kavya, Paramjeet, Parth, Pragya, Sadhna, Shayana, Swarnima and Taneesha. The Saraswati vandana was performed by Nabiha. News was read by Parth and Raghav.

Kavya recited a melodious shloka. Furthermore, the topic’s essence was explained by Harbin and Taneesha through their speeches. The thought for the day was delivered by Aryan, Harsh, Khushi and Pragya. 

Hargun Loomba and Manas recited a self-composed poem. Dance performance was presented by Aslesha, Bishmayee, Nabiha, Pragya, Sadhna and Swarnima. Compering was done by Aliya, Myra and Zayan and the script by Divyanshi. 

Besides, a patriotic song was sung by Aryan Agarwal, Kavya Shrotriya, Nabiha Yoosuf, Akshat, Ayushman, Paramjeet, Parth, Pragya, Sadhna, Shayana, Swarnima and Taneesha to honour the freedom fighters of our country. A tabla performance was presented by Amartya and Aryan. 

Photographs were taken by Pragya. The PowerPoint presentation was made by Hargun Loomba, Sadhna and Shashwat. The e-card was made by Shashwat; boards, folders and invitation cards were created by Aslesha, Divyanshi, Gurteg, Jaye

10 August, 2022 – Wednesday 
Class Teacher : Mr. Subodh Kumar
Class XII  C
VICE-PRINCIPAL- Mr Naresh Miglani
Class Representative- Ms. Vibha Arora
Activity Incharge- Ms Abha Chona