Assembly XI-L (23-11-2021)

“Topic: Words Can’t Rewind, So Be Kind

“ When you are kind to the world, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” It takes a strong heart and even stronger willpower to reciprocate intimidation with kindness.  According to statistics, one out of every 5 students gets persecuted at school or outside. The students of Class XI-L discussed how this all-pervasive problem affects people’s lives and how it should be dealt with.

The Class Presentation commenced with Aarshia Gupta welcoming everyone with an energetic greeting.  This was followed by a melodious prayer – “Ye Mat Kaho Khuda Se” sung by Diksha Singh.  An insightful  skit on the topic was then presented by Jeeval Kukreja, Shana Kalia ,Shubhika Pandey ,Mehul SIngh ,Vanya Garg , and Pujit Chhabra. This was followed by a beautiful song – “Count on Me” with Avihan Jain, Diksha Singh and Vanlalchhuanpuii on the vocals, Mayank Shandilya on the keyboard and Avihan Jain on the guitar and with inputs from Samarth Kumar. The presentation concluded with a powerful and thought-provoking speech by Vanshika Shah and the vote of thanks delivered by Avihan Jain. 

The eye-catching invites were made by Jeeval Kukreja and Mayank Shandilya. The power point presentation was put together by Niyati Rai and Devansh Thankur, and the audios were compiled by Anshuman Verma. The summary was  written by Himanshu Jarodiya and Shirsh Mohan.

23 November 2021 Tuesday 

Class Teacher- Ms Ashima Sharma

Class – XI L

Vice Principal- Dr Renu Nayar, Mr J S Virdi

Class Representative –  Ms Shalini Harisukh 

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona