Assembly XI-H (06-10-2021)

TOPIC- International day of girl child –Without her there is no tomorrow.

“Investing in a girls education may well be the highest return investment available in the developing world”.The students of class XI-H celebrated the International Day Of Girl Child and reminded us of the importance of catering to the needs of a girl child and acknowledged their potential.The class presentation commenced with a brief introduction to the topic by Abhaya followed by a mindful prayer by Divyansh, shloka recitation by Manas and a thought to set a positive start to the day by Ekansh.Afterwards, we had a speech orated by several students (Aaron,Saksham,Parth,Shrey and Ananya)both in Hindi andEnglish,highlighting the issue girls face and their possible solutions.They also commended several women leaders and appreciated their courage and determination,.Further Arham recited a self composed poem expressing our stance on the same.Finally,we had a mellifluous song by Divyansh to bring the presentation to an end. A Handmade card was made by Somya & e-invite video was made by Shubhankar and Tanmay. Presentation was made by Tanmay and Samyak.

6 October 2021, Wednesday

Class Teacher-Ms. Anju Sachdeva

Class- 11 H

Vice Principal – Dr Renu Nayar

Class Representative-  Ms. Ritu Kumar 

Activity Incharge : Ms. Kaveri Dhar