Assembly XI-E (12-10-2021)

Topic:    World Food Day: 

“Our actions are our future- Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life”

The food we choose and the way we consume it affects our health and that of our planet. In order to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, World Food Day is annually celebrated across the globe on 16th October. The objective of this day is not only to commemorate food, but also to raise awareness about the people who do not have such a privilege. The presentation commenced with an introduction by Eva Singh and Pratishtha Batra, followed by a soulful morning prayer sung by Ananya Goel. Vedansh Jain then delivered a divine shloka succeeded by an enlightening thought given by Jheel Kshirin. Subsequently, a conversation between Manya Sachdeva, Shireen Rajora, Shriya Sandilya, Swastik Agrawal and Ananya Vashist highlighted the significance of eating according to our appetite and fostering a positive relationship with food. The conversation transcended into a cheerful song, melodiously sung by Pratishtha Batra and Aryan Sharma, accompanied by Jheel Kshirin and Chaitanya Goel with the acoustics. The presentation concluded with the vote of thanks by Chaitanya Goel. The E-invites were designed by Eva Singh,Aarav Mangla and Advik Gupta. Gunjan Ruhal and Gaureka Khurana designed the aesthetic presentation. The audio compilation was done by Bhuvnesh Nagpal, Divyansh and Aryan Khandelwal.

12 October 2021, Tuesday

Class Teacher-Mr Himanshu Bedi

Class-XI E

Vice Principal – Dr Renu Nayar

Class Representative-  Ms Sushma Sardana

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona