Assembly X-K & X-O (21-10-2022)

Topic: ‘Be fair, Don’t pollute the air’. 

‘Let’s fill our homes with prayers and lights and not with fumes and crackers’, with this as the central thought and keeping up with the festive mood, the students of X-K and X-O presented their class assembly on ‘Be fair, Don’t pollute the air’. The need to celebrate this festival of lights in a sustainable  manner so that it may not harm  the environment, is the essence of Eco-friendly Diwali. 

The assembly  commenced with Namya  welcoming the audience followed by a soulful prayer by by Gunnika, Aditya, Samrath, Avni, Mihika, Jishnu, Akrita, Ojas, Gurmanya, Manya, Zaid, Navya, Emaad, Syed Abdullah, Agastya, Gaur Priya and Lakshay. This was followed by the invocation dance, dedicated to Goddess Durga, by Shaivi. Luv recited  the shloka. The inspiring thoughts for the day were presented by Vrinda, Naman, Simran and Surya. Thereafter the  news bulletins were delivered by Pratishtha, Samrath, Shivain and Aahana. The fusion music  was put together  by Aanya, Adyant, Ria, Sharnagat, Prachit, Sai, Averna and Mihika which was followed by the melodious  choir comprising   Aanya, Abbhiraj, Ayana, Manya, Rayna, Aditya, Gaur Priya, Shaurya, Aashna, Ahaana, Miraan, Aditya, Akrita, Rudransh, Lavanya, Rudransh, Sai and Samrath. A short  skit highlighting the importance of celebrating an eco-friendly  Diwali was  presented by Shauryaveer, Yajat, Anshuman, Josh, Samra and Naisha. The assembly concluded with a vibrant and energetic dance performance by Geet, Pranavi, Sehejpreet and Vikhayat. 

The  zealous comperes of the programme were Aashna, Yajat, Shobhini, Sirat, Ria, Ameya, Kanav, Surya, Pratishtha, Manya, Anshul, Averna, Nafoldersmya and Sitamsh. The creative , invites and display board for the assembly were made by Vrinda, Aditya, Ahaana, Ayana, Mihika, Samra, Mihika, Aadhya, Simran, Naisha, Gurmanya, Ria and Vanya. The Power Point presentation was made by Gunnika, Adyant, Aksh, Shivang, Kanav, Sehejpreet and Emmad. The  vote of thanks was delivered by Ameya, Manya and Averna.

21 October 2022
Classes X K and X O
Class Teachers : Ms. Ruma Madan and Ms. Akshita Luthra Dhall 
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra 
Class Representative- Ms. Pratibha Sacher and Ms. Richa Basrao
Activity Incharge- Ms. Kaveri Dhar 
Photography – Mr. Shankar Giri “