Assembly X-I 10-07-2019

Class Assembly – X I
Class Teacher – Ms. Nisha Gupta
Class Representative- Ms Vinita Gupta
Head Mistress – Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Date-10 July 2019
Cultural Programme In charge- Ms. Shelley Malhotra
Photography- Mr. Shankar Giri

Sense of belonging is a feeling, an emotion that is felt by every living creature. In today’s fast paced world, all of us have become so occupied in our own world, that we have forgotten who we belong to, and who we essentially are. It is important for us to look into our heart and soul, and awaken that forgotten sense of belonging, which truly makes us human.

The assembly began with a Morning Prayer which invoked the blessings of the Almighty. Speech which presented different aspects of belonging. Self-composed poem which threw light on the true heart of belonging. Interactive play which focussed on the spirit of belonging, and took us though a fun filled journey between a Guru and his disciple.  Sufi Song which emphasized on the sense of belonging through musical notes. Western Song which further elaborated on the sense of belonging through the heart touching language of music.