Assembly X-D (28-07-2021)

Topic World Nature Conservation Day

The theme for the class presentation was celebrating the World Nature Conservation Day.

The presentation commenced with an energetic greeting by Arham Nahar, followed by a short speech delivered by Garv Choudhary. Introduced by Harshit Tankha, a melodious prayer was sung by Tia Mehtani and Ananya Das. Introduced by Shashwat Mishra, Anushka Gupta recited a shlok which was translated by Vibhum Aggarwal. Shloka Chaudhary spoke about the importance of conservation of nature which was followed by the thought for the day by Aarna Jerath and Yukta Sawariya. Abhishek Agarwal explained how one can contribute to nature conservation. Next was a self composed poem recited by Abhitha Goel and Lakshmi Saini. A song by Palchin Dhoundiyal was followed by Gracy Singh’s speech and the vote of thanks by Priti Shree.                           

The e-invite was prepared by Laksh Marwah, the presentation was prepared by Abhigyan Gupta and Lavanya Gupta, the sketch was made by Kashyap Choudhary, while the audio was edited and compiled by Sherin Jasoria.

28 July 2021, Wednesday
Class Teacher – Ms Richa Basrao
Class – X D
Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms Shruti Gupta
Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar