Assembly VIII-D (13-10-2021)

Topic: Dussehra

Dussehra- the victory of good over evil. Just like a diamond lacerate other diamonds, the same way it’s good that minces down evil. With this perception the students of class VIII-D  celebrated the soulful festival of Dussehra, the day on which two of the most important events in Hindu Mythology occurred   that is- the The slaying of Ravana by Shri Rama and the slaying of Mahishasura by Devi Durga. The assembly commenced with a welcome by Arihant Kumar. Then a melodious prayer was presented by Inayat Kaur Bajaj after which Chhavi Tokas enlightened us with the thought for the day. Then Shivin Sareen presented the  Devi slokas.Aishani Sharma presented a self-composed poem on Dashrath Manjhi who emerged victorious over a mountain. Tanmaya Sharma then enlightened us with new facts about this festival. Pranav Trivedi then told us about the  morals they provide us with.  Aksita Mangal spoke about Mahishasura Mardini. The vote of thanks was delivered by Arihant Kumar. The creative invite and the assembly presentation was designed by Priyanka Nasa, Yashika Kanojia,Shaurya Malhotra and Arihant Kumar.

13 October 2021, Wednesday

Class Teacher-Mr  Sushil Prasad Verma

Class-VIII D 

Supervisor: Ms. Vinita Gupta

Class Representative-  Ms Reema Khosla

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona