Assembly VII-J (09-12-2021)

Topic – Human Rights Day

“Dalai Lama once said “”Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free.”” Every year, the world celebrates Human Rights Day on 10th December, to raise awareness about people’s social, cultural, and physical rights, and to ensure the welfare of everyone. In order to highlight the value of human rights, the students of class VII-J had put forward a striking presentation. The class presentation commenced with a Sanskrit shloka recited by Disha. Thereafter, Divyansh greeted the audience with an introduction to the topic, followed by a soulful prayer recited by Kabir Sahni and the explanation to which was given by T Manasa. The thought of the day was then presented by Sahir. A short speech by Naitik was preceded by a short narration by Reyansh, Namya, Kabir Mehta, Arav Gosai, Aniruddh, Advika, Ahaana and Pratham. Lastly the poem, Back to Being Human By Ms. Moem was recited by Tiara and Anshika, which concluded the class presentation. The vote of thanks was delivered by Tisya. Ayaan, Maryam, Avika and Aditi served as the comperes. The artwork was created by Kashvi, Disha, Reyansh, Anshika, Shaarav, Ananya, Ranvir, Ayesha and Maryam. The slides were collated by  Shaarav, Kashvi and Pratham; the audio was compiled by Shaarav, Tiara and Shreyan; and the video was also put together by Shaarav.”

9th December 2021 Thursday

Class Teacher- Ms Mansa Thomas

Class – VII J

Supervisor– Ms Vinita Gupta

Class Representative –  Ms Nalini Gautam

Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar