Assembly VII-G (18-11-2021)

Topic – Guru Nanak Jayanti

As the whole country prepares itself to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti, the students of  class VII G too decided to learn more about it and share it with others. The Class Presentation began with a beautiful hymn recited by Aekagra Sondhi and translated by Ashvik Gohri, followed by introduction of the theme by Aanya Sehgal and Nischay Rawat. Ritwik Gupta sang the melodious song Ek Onkar’. This was followed by an interesting and true story called ‘value of life’ by Myra Singh, Aarav devrani, Aditya Sahrawat, Ishpreet Singh Sachdeva, Aarav Ahluwalia, Myra Anand, Riddhi Jain, Siddhi Jain, Garv Daga, Saisha Bajaj, Daman Preet, Neil Sindwani and Madhav Goyal on Guru Nanakji’s life and followed by the moral of the story in the end. Then Myra Anand, Khwashish Tokas and Ayon Choudhary shared inspiring thoughts on the importance of Guru. The presentation was concluded by Rayna Sharma with a vote of thanks. The vibrant e-invite was prepared by Pulkit Narain, Nischay Rawat, Shreya Walia, Anandita Rochlani, Siddhi Jain, Ayon Choudhary, Jaiveer. The audies were compiled by Riddhi Jain.

18th  November 2021 Thursday

Class Teacher- Ms Shipra Rai

Class – VII- G

Supervisor– Ms Vinita Gupta

Class Representative –  Ms Nalini Gautam

Activity Incharge – Ms Kaveri Dhar