Assembly VII-E & VII-F (03-02-2023)

Topic: Army Day: The Unheard Courage of a Soldier
With this theme in mind the students of VII-E and VII-F presented an extraordinary assembly

on the topic- Army Day: The Unheard Courage of a Soldier.The Assembly began with the morning prayer- ‘Hey Sharde Maa’ to invoke the blessings of  goddess Saraswati the goddess of Knowledge and Performing Arts. The Morning prayer was performed by-Sara, Lamiya, Rudrakshi, Aditya, Manmeet, Parul, Aaron, Aditya, Aditya Goswami, Astha, Vani, Anik, Atharv, Achintya, Jagesh, Samar, Prithvi, Shreshtha, Gauri, Naisha, Pradatta, Abhiveer, Tanish Gulgulia, Harshveer, Tanishq. Next event was the devotional dance titled ‘Bhaj Govindam’ composed by Adi Shankaracharya a prominent figure in Indian devotion movement. The dance was performed by-Tannesha, Ritika, Anusha, Mritsha, Astha, Gauri, Vani. Next the theme of the assembly was formally introduced by Akshara and Ayana.

To motivate the viewers the Thought for the day was presented  by Anvi, Shubham Lodhi, Parth, Sumair, Vani, Mahikaa, Sukhraj. An aware citizen is one who is aware of the events taking place around the world. Students of VII E and VII F presented a News Skit highlighting important news headlines of the Day. The news was presented by Kiaan, Khushi , Abhay, Shubham, Rudrakshi, Gauri, Kiaan, Khushi , Abhay, Vihaan. Next on the event list was the Interesting fact in order to add to the knowledge of the viewers. The facts were presented by Harsh, Shristi, Surya. The students of class VII E and VII F are multi-talented, this was showcased very well with the Self Composed poem of Vaishvi Mittal and Saanvii Saluja. An assembly presentation is incomplete without a skit, dance and Orchestra presentation. Various art forms were showcased in the assembly. First was theme related skit cum musical performance titled- ‘Mere Desh Ki Mitti’. The skit included poetry recitation highlighting important events in the life of a Soldier. The events were narrated by Kshitij, Aniket and Abhiveer and enacted by Surbhi, Rudrakshi, Ridhima, Rasmika, Rakshit, Ayaan, Saanvi Gugnani. The skit was followed by an army themed dance presentation  by Anika, Amaira, Anvi, Gauri, Aditya Goswami, Aditya, Ayaana, Khushi, Khushi Vijay, Naisha, Praaket, Saanvi Saluja, Sairah, Sanvi Sawhney, Sukhraj, Tanish Shankar. The Last event of the day was a melodious, enchanting and mesmerising Musical orchestra performance by Anaisha, Kshitij, Kiaan, Ayaan, Rajat, Aaira, Saisha, Sara, Vaideesh, Naintara, Saanvi Gugnani, Aarav Garg, Vihaan, Devyansh, Viraj. The main comperes of the event were Akshara, Anaisha, Aniket, Govind, Naintara, Saisha, Surbhi, Khushi, Kshitij, Ayana, Praaket, Samaira. Cards and Board were prepared by – Amaira, Ritika, Anusha, Mritsha, Anaihira, Rasmika, Aniket, Aaira, Rudrakshi, Gauri, Samaira, Mishti, Saanvi Saluja, Mahikaa, Aarav, Achintya, Parth, Pradatta, Sairah, Sampann. An excellent powerpoint presentation was created by Govind, Kshitj and Abhiveer. Cupcakes were baked by  Gauri, Ayana, Praaket and Samaira  inviting the Principal, Headmistress and our class representatives.

03 FEBRUARY 2023, Friday
Class Teachers – Mr. Arvind Singh & Ms. Tirpti Kapoor
Class Representative – Ms. Ritu Raj
Headmistress- Ms Vinita Gupta
Assembly Incharge- Ms. Abha Chona
Photographer – Mr. Shankar Giri