Assembly VI-C (20-12-2021)

Topic : Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December and commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the season of joy, celebrating your loved ones and most importantly, giving. The most famous legend about Christmas is the Legend of Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. He dresses in a red and white suit and is shown as an old man who comes on a sleigh which is led by reindeer. He puts the childrens’ gifts in the stocking or under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Christmas is more about opening our hearts than the presents. Christmas shows us the importance of our loved ones and appreciating them. The technical support has been rendered by Aarav Sachin Vijan. Illustrations have been done by Aarna Sharma, Advita Narula, Anshuman, Ashi Yadav, Avika Agrawal, Bhavya Bankuray and Elysia. Music audio was provided by Ananyashree Prasad, Ashi Yadav, Pranad Rai and Shasreek Kayal. Script has been written by Aarav Sachin Vijan, Ashi Yadav, Avika Agrawal, Aura Bose and Pranad Rai. Narration has been done by Aarav Sachin Vijan, Avika Agrawal and Ranjana Maitra. People involved in the thought of the day were Advita Narula and Ashi Yadav. Christmas speeches have been given by Aakriti Jain, Aarav Sachin Vijan, Aishani Kayal, Khadijah Shaiza Shirazi, Krishna, Manya Gupta and Sparsh Vats.

20th December 2021 Monday

Class Teacher-  Mr. Aditya Sharma

Class- VI C

Supervisor– Ms Vinita Gupta

Class Representative – Ms. Vaishali Tiwari

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona