Assembly IX-N (16-11-2021)


Envisaging the cyclical and relative concept of time as depicted in Indian philosophy puts us the observer at the centre of the universe. In spirit with this philosophical thought Class IX N unfolded a part of their unlimited talent. The presentation began with a warm welcome by Divyam Kapoor followed by the morning prayer rendered by Shiven Kanodia and Venika Ajith.The thoughts of the day were presented by Parth Sarthy Goyal and Ritika Tiwari followed by the speech on the concept of time in Indian philosophy and its application in real life delivered by Ira Bhattacharya, Shresth Singh, Ayaan Jamal, Aarush Aggarwal and Navya Datt. A melodious song extending this concept to life was sung by Saisha Mahesh. The comperes were Ayaan Jamal,Shresth Singh,Aarush Aggarwal,Jia Gupta and Vanshika Khatri.Creative designing of the PPT and the e-invite was undertaken by Ria Upadhyay, Purnima, Aarush Aggarwal and Navyasha Sinha .Parth Sarthy Goyal compiled and edited the PPT while the synchronization of the entire assembly and the vote of thanks was delivered by Aarush Aggarwal.

16 November, 2021  Tuesday

Class Teacher-Ms.Manjushree Chaudhuri

Class-IX N

Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra

Class Representative-  Mr Sanchit Chauhan

Activity Incharge – Ms Abha Chona