Assembly IX-I (08-10-2021)

TOPIC : Retracing the Road of Peace and Non-violence

As said by GandhiJi ” My Life is My Message ” and to reminisce and retrace the path of Gandhian values of peace, non violence and nobility which secured the triumph of Indians over British to establish an Independent India, the students of Class IX-I took the opportunity to present their virtual class presentation on ” Retracing the road of Peace and Non Violence” . The class presentation commenced with a zealous greeting by the comperes Tia Dutta and Lakshay Tanwar. A reverent prayer sung by Pratiti Mehndiratta was followed by an inspiring thought by Anant Dev and Siddhi Pandey and a soulful Sanskrit Shloka by Kanak Ahuja whose translation was provided by Stuti Dixit. The speakers Medha Singh, Arkayan Goswami, Arunima Sharma and Vansh Kumar Kain brought forth the scintillating ethics and morals of Gandhiji’s life that aid each human being to emerge from a human to humane. An idyllic self composed poem was presented by Navya Wadhwa followed by a vote of thanks by Mahira Kohli. The Power Point presentation was made by Vishesh Chaurasia while the invite was designed by Garima Agarwal and Vishesh Chaurasia.

8 October 2021, Friday

Class Teacher-Ms Manu Gupta

Class-IX I

Headmistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra

Class Representative-  Mr. Sanchit Chauhan

Activity Incharge – Ms.Kaveri Dhar