Assembly IX-A & IX-D (27-04-2022)

“Topic: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Vaclav Havel rightly said, “Hope is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out”. When a person is facing an arduous problem, they often get lost in the darkness of their insecurities, fears, and sadness. They see no way out. However, those people who don’t give up hope and keep striving to move forward are the ones who see the silver lining of the cloud of their hardships. Therefore, the students of class IX-C put forward an astounding assembly on the topic ‘There is a silver lining at the end of every dark Cloud’. The assembly commenced with Arush, Nikita, Garima, and Ira’s compering and a heartfelt prayer. Pavni elegantly performed the ‘Guru Vandna’, which was followed by Pranshu and Vidhi’s Sanskrit shloka. Tavish highlighted the latest news and Amanvardhan, Shubham and Aryaveer enlightened the crowd with the thoughts for the day. Garima recited a euphonious poem and the choir sang a mellifluous song. The assembly was concluded with a graceful group dance and a vote of thanks. The e-invites were made by Garima and Nivida, the cards were made by Ira and Harshita and the folders were made by Vidhi, Nivida and Aanandi. The aesthetic board was decorated by Aanandi, Vidhi, Palak, Nivida, and Hritika.

27th April 2022, Wednesday
Class Teacher :  Ms Sanjukta Mallick and Ms Aastha Malik
Class  IX A and IX D
Headmistress- Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Class Representative- Ms. Payal Arora
Activity Incharge- Ms Kaveri Dhar