Assembly IX-B (10-08-2021)

Date: 10 August 2021, Tuesday

Class Teacher- Ms Harveen Kaur Sawhney

Class- IX- B

Head Mistress- Ms Rashmi Malhotra

Class Representative- Ms Payal Arora

Activity Incharge- Ms Binu Channan

Topic- Independence Day

During such harrowing times, the days of national importance play an essential role in keeping our spirits high and providing us a reason to rejuvenate ourselves. Class IX B presentation was an effort to recognise  the efforts of our freedom fighters and political leaders who made it possible to have a free India. 

The presentation began with Yuvika’s introduction in which she talked about the importance of Independence Day. Suhani Gulati, Yuvika and Anshi Verma sang a soulful prayer followed by a hymn by Sahil and Suhani Gulati. Powerful thoughts for the day were delivered by Arisha Khosla and Aditi Singh. Suhani Gulati, Prakhar Gupta, Anshi Verma and Yuvika Katoch sang a beautiful song. Swastika Ghoshal recited a self composed poem to share the feeling of pride to be a part of an Independent nation. Arnav Chandra and Uddipt Srivastava enlightened the listeners by sharing their views on Independent India through a speech. Vote of thanks was delivered by Anshi Ijral. Beautiful cards were made by Anshi Verma and Rashita Sharma.