Art Department – “Class XII SUMMER VACATION ART ACTIVITY 2021”

The Art Department organized “ SUMMER VACATION ART ACTIVITY 2021” for Class XII on 7th and 21st May 2021. The students were required to make a ‘Painting’ on any of the following topics:

  1. The Glory of DPS RKP (7th May 2021)-1st Round
  2. Quotes on Education (21st May 2021) -2nd Round

The instructions for the competition were posted a day prior in the classroom. On the day of the Competition the students were invited for a meet and were briefed about the participation criteria, rules etc.. and finally the topics were revealed . The students were asked to research on the topics given and submit their Artwork  in the classroom within the stipulated time period. 

The submitted Entries/Artwork were judged on the basis of Content,Originality and  Aesthetic Appeal by a team of senior faculty members- Ms Jatinder Kaur (Art Department) and Mr Amit Rajput (HOD, Art Department).
The Teacher in-charge Mr. Amit Rajput and Mr Shiven Singh Tanwar (Art Department) presented and conducted the event. They thanked the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan and the Vice Principal Dr Renu Nayyar for providing this platform to the students to showcase their talent.They also thanked the support team for providing all technical support to make this event a grand success.