Anti Fire-Cracker Campaign

An “Anti Fire-Cracker Campaign” was  organized in the school. As a part of this campaign the following activities were conducted:The students prepared soft boards on the theme- Celebrating Green Diwali. Pamphlets with information on harmful effects of firecrackers were distributed the classes in order to sensitize the students on this topic. A PowerPoint Presentation was shown to all the students  during the homeroom period so that the students could understand the impact of the chemicals in the crackers on our health and on the environment. Standees were displayed to raise awareness on this issue.

An Intra section Paragraph Writing Competition was organized on the topic-”I would like to celebrate Green Diwali because…..” for the classes VI to X. The students of classes VI to VIII made beautiful rangolis outside their classes as a part of the the Green Diwali celebrations in the school.The students  took a pledge  during the home room period to celebrate Green Diwali.

An interactive session on the topic ‘Celebrate Green Diwali: Say ‘NO’ to Firecrackers’ was held on 22 October 2019 for class VI. In the session led by Dr. Pawan Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Pulmonary Medicine, AIIMS and his team of three students from Sri Venkateshwara College, University of Delhi, the students learned about the causes and the harmful effects of air pollution, common air pollutants, sources of indoor and outdoor air pollution and common diseases caused by air pollution . They also learned about the various ways to control air pollution, the method to assess air quality, what happens when the air quality index crosses certain limits, the average air quality index of Delhi during different seasons, the causes and harmful effects of smog  and the Directives given by the Supreme Court of India to control air pollution. Quiz was also organised.

Information on the importance of celebrating Green Diwali was disseminated during the PTM of class VI and also during the Scholar Badge Ceremony of class VIII so that the parents could also be sensitized on this issue.

The students of class XI organised a skit on “the plight of children working in fire cracker factories” and a mimicry activity to raise awareness on this issue.An article writing and Just A Minute competition was also organised for students of class XI.A group discussion on the chemistry of fire crackers was organised for the students of class XII. Students of class XII wrote poems and made cartoon strips to strongly discourage the use of fire crackers.