Annual International Technology Symposium – EXUN 2023

“Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell 

The Experts Unlimited Clan of DPS RK Puram, better known as the EXUN clan, hosted the 28th edition of its Annual International Technology Symposium on the 4th and 5th of November, 2023. Online events of Exun started on 28th November 2023. Every year, tech wizards from across the map of India assemble at the symposium to hone their skills, test their calibre and create unforgettable experiences.

Commencement of the event was marked by the inaugural lamp lighting ceremony by the  Vice Principals Mr. Anil Kathuria and  Mr. Mukesh Kumar, along with the esteemed guests: Mr. Hitesh Oberoi, Founder of Plaksha University and Mr. Ankur Yadav from Safexpress and teachers of various participating schools. The ceremony featured a video presentation by the EXUN Clan, about the club and their events. In his opening speech Mr. Mukesh Kumar emphasised on the significance of connectivity with like minded tech enthusiasts and importance of ethical aspects of use of technology. The event was  sponsored  by Safexpress, Khul Ke and Plaksha University. PlayStation™ and  Cubelelo® helped in the Gaming and Cubing events. 

The events that constituted the symposium were judged by our alumni of different batches. The events were as follows:


  • Hackathon- A classic hackathon which involved participants collaborating in teams to conceive and demonstrate inventive concepts by blending state-of-the-art technologies and exceptional skills. The participants worked together to turn their ideas into reality. This event was judged by Ishir Bhardwaj(2022), Somesh Kar(2022), Akshit Kumar(2021) and Angad Singh(2022). Kavin Valli(2023) judged the event in online mode.
  • Designathon- This event put the problem solving and design thinking skills of the contestants to the test, and provided them with a platform to let their creativity and imagination flourish. This event was judged by Aadya Dhar (2023), Arunima Goyal (2014) and Aviral Goyal (2009).
  • Unreality- Unreality provided the perfect stage for the participants to push their creativity to new heights and delve into the realm of game development. Participants were required to create games on their preferred platform and were welcome to freely use sprites, 3-D models or whatever suited them best. This event was judged by Pulkit Garg (2022) and Vinayak Dhawan (2023) in the online mode.

2. Competitive Programming-  It primarily revolved around tackling challenging algorithmic problems under a designated time constraint. These problems varied in complexity, encompassing straightforward mathematical puzzles to intricate data structure and graph algorithms. Participants were tasked with creating a code that was both efficient and optimised to accurately and swiftly solve each problem. 

3. Sudocrypt- This was a 36-hour multiplayer Cryptic Hunt combined with a Capture-the-Flag challenge. The participants used their wisdom and wit to embark on a digital adventure like no other; they searched for the answers like pirates searching for treasure. 

4.Turing Test- It was a computational linguistics event that required the intellectuals to coincide their minds to explore the ordeal of innovations. The problem patterns were based on the International Olympiad of Linguistics. This event was judged by Vedant Singh of the batch of 2023.

5. Quiz- The Open Quiz was a battle of the sharpest and brightest minds in the ever expanding field of Information Technology (IT). Quiz enthusiasts were given 30 seconds to give answers to various questions stimulating their knowledge. This event was conducted and judged by Angad Singh and Ishir Bharadwaj of the batch of 2022.

6. Crossword- The cryptic crossword was the perfect event to test the participants’ presence of mind, wit and their ‘masterful’ sense of humour. All solutions were directly connected to the realms of computers, technology, renowned tech figures, and pertinent IT terms.

7.  Hardware – In the realm of Information Technology, much like how “Hardware” plays a pivotal role in supporting computer components, this event involved participants competing in a series of rounds that were centred around various tasks relating to different components, software, and networking skills. This event was judged by Somesh Kar (2022) and Aditya Singh (2020).

8. Girls in Tech- Empowered girl participants gathered in an attempt to reshape a primarily male dominated industry. They attended a series of workshops and contributed to redesign the future of technology as they paved the way for a more equitable industry. This event was judged by Aaraiv Sharma of the batch of 2018.

9. Group Discussion – Students assembled for a fruitful discussion and debate of paramount principles and ideas. Using unique arguments, concrete facts and a confident voice with the aim being progress and not only victory, all participants engaged in interesting conversations about the future of technology. This event was judged by Karmanya Singh (2015) and Pratishtha Batra (2023).

10. Surprise –  The surprise event consisted of a series of tasks, the details of which, as the name implies, were shrouded in surprise and were disclosed on the day of the event itself. This event was judged by Aaraiv Sharma (2018) Naunidh Singh Kohli (2023).

11. DomainSquare+ Events

  • Gaming: PC- This was an eye-catching event where fellow gaming enthusiasts competed in a world of digital adventure and proved to be the best amongst the lot.
  • Gaming: Surprise- Another surprise event, which allowed the participants to traverse the realm of gaming and embark on the fascinating journey of possibilities. This event was judged by Naunidh Singh Kohli of the batch of 2023. 
  • Gaming: Quiz- A fun quiz which challenged their ingenuity and tested them with questions from every aspect of gaming knowledge, from the classic titles to the latest trends. This event was judged by Pratyush Vempati of the batch of 2024.

12. CubXL Events

  • 2×2- This event required speed and sharpness. The participants had to orderly scrabble the puzzle with accelerated technique.
  • 3×3- Another arduous event that called for an apprehension of various notations of the given puzzles.
  • Pyraminx- Participants had to procure a good blend of pinpoint memorization and intuition to ace the puzzle they were presented with.This event was judged by Angad Singh of the batch of 2022.
  • Surprise- The Surprise event featured thrilling solves,and unexpected twists leaving cubers amazed and inspired.            

13. Roboknights Events

  • Robosoccer-  Modelled after a very popular sport, this event tested the agility, strategy and teamwork on a specially designed arena. This event was judged by Kshitij Gupta (2021) and Tanmay Singhal (2023).
  • Mx+c V5.0 Line Following Robot- This event provided an exhilarating avenue to explore automation as robots embarked on the challenge of following a predetermined path marked by a visible line on the ground.This event was judged by Bhavya Khandelwal (2019) and Arush Bansal (2020).

The closing ceremony was set in motion with addresses by the Presidents of EXUN Clan, DomainSquare+, RoboKnights, and CubXL where they shared their personal experiences related to the clubs and how their simple hobby turned into a fervent passion. Further on, the vote of thanks was delivered by Vice Principal, Mr. Mukesh Kumar and he expressed his gratitude to the principal for providing a platform for smooth functioning and encouraging organisation of such events. He also elaborated upon the origins of EXUN Clan, and advised the audience about cyber safety concerns. The event concluded with the presentations of mementos to the Judges composed of alumni of the school and distribution of awards to the winners  by the faculty members of the department of Computer Science.

Overall WinnerDelhi Public School, Dwarka

The winners of the events are as follows-

1HackathonDelhi Public School, NoidaArnav BansalNishit JhaYash Tripathi
2DesignathonSanskriti SchoolReyansh JunejaMedha ShrivatsavaIshmeet Wadhwa
3Unreality                      –RitvikAkash Sharma
4Competitive ProgrammingVenkateshwar International SchoolBharat Singla
5LockoutVenkateshwar International SchoolBharat Singla
6SudocryptDelhi Public School, DwarkaVaibhav Singh
7Turing Test                      –Panawat Tiacharoen
8QuizDelhi Public School, NoidaRushil RawatPratulya Trivedi 
9CrosswordDelhi Public School, Vasant KunjAkshaan SinghKabir Bhalla
10HardwareDelhi Public School, DwarkaRahul RamdevRaghav Grover
11Girls in TechDelhi Public School, Vasant KunjRenaya Kapoor
12Group DiscussionDelhi Public School International, SaketParthvi Narula
13SurpriseDelhi Public School, DwarkaVaibhav SinghYatharth Jain
14DomainSquare+ Gaming: PCDelhi Public School, DwarkaRahul Ramdev
15DomainSquare+ Gaming SurpriseDelhi Public School, DwarkaYatharth Jain
16DomainSquare+ Gaming QuizSt. Columba’s SchoolVansh GuptaYuvraj Singh
17CubXL 2×2Delhi Public School, Mathura RoadPranav Chandra
18CubXL 3×3Delhi Public School, Vasant KunjSamanyu Naik
19CubXL PyraminxDelhi Public School, Vasant KunjSoumil Sahu 
20RoboKnights: RobosoccerDelhi Public School, DwarkaSuyash ChauhanRaghav BansalJia  Nanda
21RoboKnights: MX+C Line Following RobotDelhi Public School, RohiniArya JainAyush Goyal

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