An Educational Visit to AIIMS ,New Delhi

An Educational  trip for Class XI students  was organized by the Biology Department of Delhi Public School, RK Puram to attend  “68th Institute Day Exhibition in AIIMS” on 26th and 27th September,2023. The theme of this year’s exhibition was “AIIMS: Leading India’s Health Care Security” which was extremely informative for all the students.The trip was aimed to expose students to the cutting-edge technologies, ongoing medical research and advancements, diverse medical disciplines practiced at AIIMS and to help students interact with healthcare professionals and gain knowledge about their experiences and expertise.

Some of the activities of the trip included:

Day 1 Interactive Sessions:

The students were led into an exhibition where engaging sessions were conducted by renowned medical professionals from different departments such as trauma, dental, oncology ,ophthalmology etc. The students participated in CPR training and were provided with the opportunity to interact with doctors, researchers, and other healthcare practitioners. The healthcare professionals went a step further by testing the students’ eyesight, hemoglobin levels, blood sugar levels and dental health.

Day 2 A visit to the human anatomy lab:

Students embarked on an educational journey into the fascinating world of anatomy as they entered the well-equipped anatomy lab. Prior to entering the lab, students were briefed on safety protocols, ethical considerations, and the importance of respecting the human donors whose bodies would be studied.  The purpose of this hands-on experience was to provide them with a deeper understanding of the human body’s structure.The students were able to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application by observing carefully preserved organs and tissues of cadavers.

The experience allowed students to gain a profound appreciation for the complexities of the human body, setting a solid foundation for their future studies in the field of anatomy

Entering the world of histology:

The students were then led into the  Microanatomy lab at AIIMS.. Researchers showcased the preparation of samples, staining techniques, and the operation of sophisticated imaging systems. The participants had the opportunity to witness real-time imaging of cellular structures, bringing textbook knowledge to life.

Students had an interactive session with Ist and IInd  year students at AIIMS wherein they shared the  tips and guidelines regarding the competitive exams. (NEET).The visit was indeed a fruitful one as it motivated the future doctors and heightened their interest in human anatomy.