A Heartfelt farewell to Shri RS Lugani

“It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember”

On 22 May 2021 Sh. Ram Sarup Lugani, the first Headmaster and Principal of Delhi Public School  R K Puram left for the heavenly abode.

Sh. R.S Lugani, the name that revolutionised the education sector with strong grit and determination. We all know him as the mathematical expert who could solve the difficult equations of life with the right formula and help reach the right answer.

Born on 25th January, 1927 at Sialkot (now in Pakistan), Shri Ram Sarup Lugani completed his M.A. in Mathematics and later attained BT DPE, B.Ed. from Punjab and Agra University and   acquired teaching and administration experience at Manchester Grammar School, UK. 

 Sh. R. S. Lugani is acknowledged by one and  all as a legend in the field of education .

He was awarded the National Science Foundation Scholarship in 1963-64 to further his education in the University of Washington. He travelled to USA, UK, West Germany, France and Russia and visited the schools therein.He was invited as a visiting lecturer at Manchester Grammar School, one of the top academic schools in 1970-71. At that time,he was the Vice Principal of DPS Mathura Road. 

Soon after ,he took over as the Principal of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram in 1978 .From then onwards,he relentlessly took up the task of laying the foundation of an institution committed towards providing high quality education to the  Indian community .  In  these years he steered and led the school to become a pace setter and be recognized as the top most school in the city and the country.

 He won the Delhi State Award for Education in the year 1982 and the National Award for Teachers in 1985. He received the Padma Shri Award in 1992 from the then President of India, Shri R. Venkatraman.

DPS RK Puram  fraternity fondly and with great reverence remembers him as our mentor,a father figure who was a strict disciplinarian and taskmaster and at the same ,a well meaning and an affectionate human.

Today DPS RK puram stands a class apart from all others only beacuse our founder Principal right from the outset,with his far reaching vision, raised the bar to the highest levels. He was indeed a pioneer who not only nurtured and served the institution with utmost commitment and dedication, but also inspired all those who worked with him to follow his footprints with the same enthusiasm and vigour.

 A Walk Down Memory Lane