RESILIENCE BUILDING WITH MUSIC BY- Dr. Farah Husain & Ms. Aarti Sharma

“Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch.” –Debasish MrihdaA workshop on ‘Resilience Building with music’ was conducted by Dr. Farah Hussain and Ms. Aarti Sharma on 7th March, 2023. The speakers explained the clinical use of music to accomplish individualised goals such as reducing stress, improving mood and self-expression. The session started with a welcome song followed by a discussion on resilience. The speakers discussed and gave a hands-on example on how we can use music to enhance focus. The speakers also conducted a meditation session using music after which the teachers were asked to reflect on people/things they are grateful for and the art of letting go. The session was musical, engaging and touched upon mental health issues in a very subtle manner.