Assembly XII-Q & XII-R 02-11-2022

TOPIC- “Those who find gratitude in the little things find humility in the big things” – Lidia Longorio

Gratitude is the beginning of wisdom. Stated differently, true wisdom cannot be obtained unless it is built on a foundation of true humility and gratitude. Both classes strongly believe that it is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful. The compeers Vidushi Jaidka and Khushi Garg gave the audience an insight into the topic and elucidated the significance of gratitude in one’s life. This was followed by a pleasing Indian classical dance by Mahipriya Arora, Arushi Sharma and Navya Goel. The thought for the day and news was delivered by Harshil Chaddha, Parth Ishpujani, Mallika Arora, Shashwat, and Mukund Jana. Kalyani Wadehra, Garvita Gyanesh Singh, Siddhant Giri, Mayan Chopra, Prisha Sachdeva, Sakshi Jain, Kashvi Bhutani, Sanah Jain, Arav Malhotra, Amarveer Singh Madan, Harshil Chadha, Panav presented a skit proving that gratitude can be found even in the smallest of things. The bhangra dance was performed by Upkar Singh Chawla, Madhav Grover, Panav, Amaraveer Singh Madan, Harshil Chadha, and Arav Malhotra. Ayush Naugain, Mayan Chopra, Heeba, Arica , Jahanvi Gupta , Priyanjali delivered an impactful and powerful speech. A harmonious song,”You raise me up” was sung by Kalyani Wadehra , Kartikeyan Sood , Pritish Garg , Sanah , Garvita Gyanesh Singh , Navya Mehta , Tara , Devashree Anuj Bahl , Harshil Chadha , Jahnavi Mondreti , Jahnavi Gupta , Arav Malhotra , Jovina Gill , Hryda Mittal , Panav , Shashwat. The assembly was brought to an end with a powerful contemporary dance performed by Kashvi Bhutani , Arushi Sharma , Mahipriya Arora , Prisha Sachdeva , Mallika Arora . The E card was made by Garvita Singh . Assembly Invitation Cards, folders and board work were done by Navya Goel, Kashvi Bhutani, Sakshi Jain , Aarushi Singh , Heeba , Priyanjali , Mahak . The PowerPoint presentation was made by Manav Dewan. The overall assembly was extremely insightful and artistic.

2 November 2022
Class XII Q & R
Class Teachers: Ms Deepti Mahajan & Ms Vinita Panjwani
Vice Principal – Mr Mukesh Kumar
Class Representative- Ms Richa Aggarwal
Activity Incharge- Ms Kaveri Dhar